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In today’s world, youth and spirituality seem to be at two different poles altogether. In order to inculcate spiritual values and give spiritual education which today’s youth don’t get from anywhere else, every year, Youth Camps are arranged in the ashrams of BGSM. The youth learn to imbibe spirituality in their daily lives. By succeeding spiritually, they automatically succeed in their material life. In short, by coming to the Youth Camp, they are set for life. The best feature of the Youth Camp is the opportunity to interact and associate with genuine saints.

List of Activities in Youth Camp

  • Yoga

  • Aerobic

  • Jagran Aarti, Bhog, Parikrama, Shayan Aarti

  • Classes on Sanatan Vedic Philosophy

  • Kirtans with Roopdhyan Meditation

  • Prem Nidra

  • Participating in Ashram work

  • Games and activities

  • Cultural Programmes

  • Project Work

  • Sessions on Management and Personality Development


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  • Practice of Disciplined routine

  • Developing Healthy Food Habits

  • Developing a feeling of Gratitude and Love towards God and one’s Guru

  • Personality Development

  • Learning to manage stress, time and the mind

  • Learning Team work and leadership

  • Confidence building

  • Talent development

  • Developing IQ, EQ and SQ

  • Living in an spiritually charged Ashram environment

  • Association with saints

YSS is one of the best experiences to have.

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