‘Lanka-Alike Heart’

In a context Tulsidas Ji expounds about Lanka in ‘Ramcharitmanas’- ‘एहीं बिधि कृपा रूप गुन धाम राम आसीन I धन्य ते नर एहिं ध्यान जे रहत सदा लयलीन II’ He

Now It’s Our Turn

Our eyes can’t see Guru in physical embodiment now that does not mean we are devoid of His watch or companionship. It is unwise to think so. If we harbour

Criterion For God’s Bliss

Many a times we wander and question ourselves – Do I have the grace of God? Is Shri Maharaj ji listening to my prayers? If He is bestowing grace on

Mental Healthiness and Sadguru Consultant

We are all afflicted by mental diseases and suffering from the multi faceted disease of mind, i.e. lust, anger, greed, temptation, hate, envy. These all persuade our actions. Tulsidas Ji

It’s The Bhakti!

There is a wonderful path. The path of ‘Bhakti’. Prem Marg! It is such a pathway, which desires no pre-requisites from the ‘jeev’.